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Bitumen is a common binder used in road construction. It is principally obtained as a residual product in petroleum refineries after higher fractions like gas, petrol ...

Furnace Oil
Furnace oil is a dark viscous residual product used as a fuel in different types of combustion equipment. It conforms to IS:1593-1982 for fuel oils.

Our Network
Group can trace out the location of the tankers through the latest technology of (G.P.S), group can make the further planning for the tankers loading. Every Drivers and Transport staff connected with mobile facilities.

About Company

Established in 1998 we at Garg Translink is engaged in Bulk Bitumen & Farnace Oil Tranportation, Garg Translink is a government authorized transporter based Mathura, Uttar Pardesh, Garg Translink have own 30 Bulk Bitumen & Farnace Oil Carriers Carrying Bitumen & Farnace Oil for various reputed Customers all over India. we can facilitates that and deliver products at their various sites.We are into the field of Bulk Bitumen & Farnace Oil Transportation only with notion of facilitating our customers, by providing them with an additional facility.

Garg Translink India Pvt. Ltd .
with its rich and diversified experience in transportation industry, the group has developed an excellent relationship with major Oil companies in the country and well know consumers for transportation.

Bitumen. these Companies are specialized in bulk transportation. trough tankers 15 MT to 25 capacities, The group is having more than 30 owned tankers& is well positioned to offer its clients, a quick, reliable, efficient and Professional transportation. the Group's offices have' State of Art technology  to monitor vehicle movements, positions and availability.

Bitumen can be procured either in bulk form or packed in drums or PVC bags. in either case the product has to be transported from the dispatch unit to work site. Bulk Bitumen transportation is  done with specially designed  tankers, which are insulated also have the pump facility for loading / unloading of the product. The insulation on the tanker, retains the temperature of the bitumen, as the product tends to get solidified at  a lower temperature. the heating arrangement is essential to increase the temperature of the Bitumen in tanker, particularly, at the time of unloading.

Bitumen is mainly consumed for the road construction work. Bitumen constitutes around 40 percent of the total road project costs. Therefore, it is very crucial for the road contractors to procure this item from a reliable source and cost effectively . Currently all road project are time bound and all contracts are given with penalty rider for delay. The Contractors could ill - afford delays, which would 
have serious repercussions on his business. Therefore, timely delivery is PERQUISITE for this product

Garg Translink India Pvt. Ltd . supplies various Bulk Bitumen & Farnace Oil products from Various refinery to various locations U.P. MP. Rajasthan etc .The main aim of the company is the transportation of bulk Bitumen, & Farnace Oil & various products.

Transportation is the backbone of the nations growth. Garg Translink India Pvt. Ltd is a government authorized  transporter based at Mathur, Uttar Pradesh . We have our own tankers  with GPS System which takes the management of our company vehicles to a new level. It enhance our fleet operation, increase customer satisfaction and save valuable company time by keeping an eye on our every tanker for 24 x 7.
We have touched the acme of success in this domain. The company is slowly and steadily moving ahead on the path of progress.


  • To position our Company as the undisputed leader for transporting bulk petroleum products as Bitumen, Furnace oil and other related products to our Clients on most competitive prices and thereby win their trust and confidence to be their first choice Company.
  • To create value and market difference through innovation and research and development.
  • To inspire movements of inspiration and happiness amongst our human resources and others who deal with us in one or other way.

What We Believe and Practice

  • Customer Satisfaction by offering more than their expectations.
  • All fairness by being objective, transparent and ethical in business dealings thus earning confidence, trust, respect and faith of people around us.
  • Leadership through innovation, creativity, participation and non stop hard work.
  • Accepting challenges and providing platform to our team for growth and development in all business spheres.
  • Enduring business relationships and adding more to expand horizon.

Bulk Bitumen/Furnace oil Transportation

We are one of the reputed Bulk Transporters. It can be procured either in bulk or in packed form. In either case the product has to be transported from the dispatch unit to the work site or to the industrial consumers. The bulk bitumen transportation is done with specially designed tankers that are insulated and with pumping facility for loading and unloading of bitumen.